Tips for gaining control on Miramar Map – PUBG MOBILE

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PUBG Mobile’s newest map Miramar is a vast desert with long lines of sight. The skills and strategy needed to succeed here are much different than Erangel. Today Powerbang takes you along for a chicken dinner and drops loads of tips and tricks on how to own the high ground, and thus, the map.

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  1. Antonio Bedić より:

    Does anyone possibly knows how much players are there on the european server, or is there any way to see it?

  2. savaGe KIDDO より:

    Right after this video, I opened up PUBG and played Classic on Miramar. Guess what happened: I won my first solo Miramar with 12 kills. Thank you Powerbang, GG.

  3. Victor Diaz より:

    In my first game in mirimar I found a drop and there we’re ten people I shot them all one by one hiding behind my car

  4. Anfal Hussain より:

    Which device u using?? Plz reply

  5. Panranch PSN より:

    Pubg mobile lit go to game for squads at school

  6. Armando Garcia より:

    Alguien sabe si las victorias cuentan en ese mapa? Ya.hice como 3 en el y no aparecen en mis estadísticas

  7. Shahbaz Jamal Khan より:

    please remove bots

  8. no u より:

    Anyone notice that you can adjust the zoom on your 8x scope?

  9. no u より:

    OMG he learned that scopes exist! Finally!

  10. James Wallace より:

    How come you didn’t grab the mk14 dude? Imo it’s better than the sks