PUBG Rank 1 – DarkknighT 25 kills [SEA] Solo vs Squad FPP – PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS

Full game:
Credits: DarkknighT –

DarkknighT – solo vs squad with 25 kills in playerunknown’s battlegrounds!

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  1. PUBG MOBILE Rank 1 より:

    Amazing Pubg Rank 1

  2. Xaou2st より:

    Thailand Number ONE. !!

  3. Евгений Z00M Ерёмин より:

    No skill. Just luck

  4. navid sgs より:

    0:50 1:18 7:13 7:42 lucky trash that steal chicken dinner

  5. Luqman Luqs より:

    Nc game

  6. จิ๊บ จิ๊บ より:

    เอาที่มันมีหน้าคนดิ จะรุไมหน้าตาคนเล่นเปนไง จะรุจักป้ั

  7. LET'S PLAY CH より:


  8. Bülent Güleçoğlu より:

    tebrikler çok iyi

  9. GOD Gaming Tv より:

    My god this nob

  10. Peer Nato より:

    I think he thought boosting is a stamina. But its not.