PUBG Mobile Tips, Tricks, and Myths Episode 1 | Swimming Backwards = FASTER? | New 4X-8X Scope

Welcome to the first episode of PUBG Mobile Tips, Tricks, and Myths – In this series I plan to share tips and tricks on the game as well as test various myths that are out there, either confirming or busting them!

Have a myth you want to see tested, or a tip or trick you want to share? Be sure to leave it in the comments below!

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  1. Artsir より:

    You cant destroy a buggy using gun if you are riding it

  2. Greenleaf Firdaus より:

    You can swim faster if you swim under water

  3. Saqib Alam より:

    Great for newbies.

  4. PübGZ Ph より:

    *Thanks Derek that’s Helpful!!💙*

  5. juju K より:

    Not much informative… was disappointed … try making more content in less time

  6. Star frame より:

    bro, r u new to the game?

  7. Clutch Enzo より:

    Amazing useful video I watch almost all your hidden places and there so useful

  8. DERchrispycris より:

    Theres an in game timer on the top left

  9. birdss 45 より:

    Hello my brother derek

  10. Don Ramon より:

    Did u get inspired by the guys who do this on pc?