PUBG Double Trouble – Duos with Pat and Simone

Russ is on vacation so we’re doing a very special tiny squad featuring Polygon’s troublesome siblings Pat and Simone. We’re playing duos and maybe some WAR MODE with our lovely community

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  1. Claire Cohen より:

    I love regular Awful Squad but also I would like more Pat and Simone content PLEASE. They are so much fun together!

  2. David Bernard Houck より:

    I love Pat & Simone streams

  3. Joseph Calilung より:

    i love footy

  4. lightthief より:

    Set up respawn on the ground in war mode please.

  5. Wasmo より:

    5 min in and we already got a good clean Simone laugh

  6. The Green Paladin より:

    Oh my god I have brumby on DVD, I used to watch it all the time when I was little

  7. atomic ouija より:

    Yas deathproofs my fav movie

  8. HippoJPLauncher より:

    Please make more game ogre!

  9. d brown より:

    Press F to laugh with hysterical joy.

  10. Mike Spud より:

    thank you for that circle pit moment. i love it. try to do a wall of death sometime.