The PUBG Xbox Test Server featuring Miramar & Erangel is going back up until May 24th. Ben goes through the full patch notes, read them here:
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  1. Landon Stokes より:

    I play on the one x also and I have crashes as well.

  2. Dean Myster より:

    Im on the X and mine often crashes on the first initial load up. A big thumbs up on the tees, mine arrived Friday, good quality and fit all round.

  3. thegamingnoob より:

    I been waiting for 4 minutez

  4. lindsey carr より:

    Game keeps crashing while shooting at players. Game is not enjoyable!! 😠😠😠

  5. Timothy Hall より:

    I have the one X and crash going into inventory every couple of hours. Lately I’ve also crash while driving and a few times while aiming over the shoulder.

  6. Jason Bourke より:

    I play on an OG one, and the crashes are fairly rare now. It’s usually just the long play sessions that sometimes cause it.

  7. Steve Gr より:

    30fps is a joke 4 this game , 1080p 60fps will make the game awesome on x1x

  8. JustDuff より:

    That tune is overpowering …

  9. Max Vid3o5tr3am3R より:

    I clear the cache on the X every night and haven’t had a crash in some time. Only play for 3-4 hours each night though not like you guys.