Hidden features in update 0.5.0 – PUBG MOBILE

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Hello Everybody in this video The7WorldsGaming will be showing you some cool features and some that are hidden in PUBG MOBILE.
This features will make your everyday gaming in PUBG Mobile.



  1. JackNazi gameplays y más. より:

    Please coming update game in my tablet Lenovo Tab 3 7essential please 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  2. Alcron Azecron より:

    Its a great update the problem is that there are still some bugs like when i crashed while riding a motorbike on to a crate in one of the warehouse i fell under the map and there was water under the map probably put there by the creators so that people who fell under the map can’t shoot people on the ground

  3. Hippieguy 13 より:

    New feature where? Y’all need to upgrade to a brand new respawn feature soo people can play longer instead of having to restart all the way over again after they die like wtf man did y’all ever heard of a fucking respawn after you get killed like a respawn in Halo 3 or something soo you DON’T get restarted over & over again??? It’s already bad enough that the maps are small af & everytime you land on the ground it’s a very high chance of you getting killed every time.

  4. CH1LL DUD3 より:

    what is your phone?

  5. HardcoreHamburger より:

    How is the mobile version getting the practice range first???

  6. GAMER DAZH より:

    Blue hole please add ragdolls to the game and more physics

  7. Jairo Trana より:

    Is there fpp mode

  8. Game Over より:

    What is Synergy ?

  9. 波士the Gamer より:

    What happen if you just wanna use aim to search for enemies? Then release will exposure yourself?

  10. TEAM BATMAN より:

    How do you put training mode in mobile