Emotes In PUBG Mobile? | Exclusive Footage!

Here is A short preview of emotes in pubg mobile


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Device: iPhone 6s plus
Screen recorder: ios recorder
Editing Program: iMovie
Outro song: sonbeat instrumental

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  1. Izzo より:

    Who is excited for This feature ? We Will soon be able to mock our oppentents 🙂

    Discord: https://discord.gg/RdcBStZ

  2. Ritual Reaper00 より:

    cancerous song

  3. Qi Shen Chua より:

    I have few questions to ask you guys. Why does the ios version pubg mobile has no emote , and the left right peep and first person mode?

  4. Dragon Warrior より:

    Background music

  5. aviv de castro より:

    Pubg would be really more exciting! 😍

  6. Karl より:

    Let’s play guys. My IGN is K4rL5…

  7. Panda Style より:

    Is that timi or Lightspeed

  8. Panda Style より:

    How to update pupg mobile chinese version?

  9. Ralf D'Gamer より:

    If this came out a lot of people are gonna use this for teaming😆for communicating.

  10. Make It Super より:

    Who is excited to play this version
    If someone than like this comment