Ben goes chasing air drops to get tooled up for the win! Solo Chicken Dinner. PUBG Xbox One X Gameplay.
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  1. Stefan Hansen より:

    Hey Ben
    What is your headset setup for the Xbox One?
    Kind Regards from Denmark

  2. GTA and fortnight bo3 bros より:

    Hey guys it’s me again could I get a shoutout on this channel trying to do what you do stay on that pubg grind I really love the stream

  3. Anwar Williams より:

    I love your content BEN!! watching you and Chewy and lammy! play has made me a much better player. ahhh!! intense win bro!

  4. CaptZepplin より:

    Love the game. Thinking the music is a little loud though. Keep up the good work

  5. quddama talib より:

    Like 👍💖

  6. Seth Morrison より:

    It’s not the hit box at the end of the match that ruined your shot, muzzle of the gun was in the dirt. Games like COD bullets spawn scope level and not from the barrel.

  7. Cade McLaughlin より:

    “Find a helmet real quick then I’ll fuck off”

  8. Xavier Entwistle より:

    Nice gameplay, plus was it actually you in chocotacos chat yesterday?